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The Construction Table at ::skillingarea

Welcome to the Sage-Scape Guide for Construction! In this guide, I will be helping you understand how to train Construction and what you need to train it! Have fun and thanks for reading!

First off, what you will need are all of the supplies that you're going to need throughout the duration of 99 Construction. Then type in ::skillingarea. You will be automatically teleported to the skilling area where the Construction Table is located. I will also add what levels you will be training these to and what supplies you are using.

Supplies and Leveling/Exp:

From Levels 1-55, Use 54 Planks to make Oak Armchairs. Each build will bring in 10,000 exp!

From Levels 55-70, Use 110 Oak Planks to make Oak Armchairs. Each build will bring in 22,000 exp!

From Levels 70-90, Use 675 Teak Planks to make Teak Tables. Each build will bring in 40,000 exp!

From Levels 90-99, Use 708 Mahogany Planks to make Mahogany Dressers. Each build will bring in 65,000 exp!

Also, a large reminder is you need Steel Nails. I would say roughly 20,000 Steel Nails will get you to 99.


If you are wondering how much all of this is going to cost you, I added this table into the guide also.

54 Planks:108,000 gp.

110 Oak Planks: 550,000 gp.

675 Teak Planks: 5,400,000 gp.

708 Mahogany Planks: 7,080,000 gp.

20,000 Steel Nails: 10,000,000 gp.

Total for all of the Supplies for 99 Construction: 22,545,800 gp. Which is actually relatively cheap for Sage-Scape!

I really hope this guide helped you and you should have 99 Construction in no time!

New Construction MethodEdit

A very different method of training construction has been introduced, as of September 2012. In order to use this construction method, you will need to go to the options tab, and click on the House Options icon. Upon doing this, you will see a "There's no place like home..." After you have done that, you will notice the House Options. Under the building mode option, click on, which will open up the interface of all the objects you can place.